Cost Per Square Foot To Refinish Hardwood Floors In Minneapolis

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We refinished these maple hardwood floors in Longfellow neighborhood of south Minneapolis MN today.  It was a maple dining room floor and the owners had just torn up the vinyl flooring that was covering the hardwoods.  It was very popular to cover up hardwood floors in Longfellow, Seward, Nokomis, Standish, and Regina areas of south Minneapolis in the 1930-1950s.  Just like carpet getting popular in the 1970s, so did vinyl in the 1940-50s.  Fortunately, the floors were in good enough shape were I could sand them and bring them back to life.  People always ask me how much does it costs per square foot to refinish my hardwood floors?  On maple hardwood floors like the ones in the picture it is a little more expensive because you have to do some extra work to make them look nice.  It totally depends on the condition.  It could range from $1.40-$.450 depending on the size and the condition of the hardwood floors. Or you could do a buff and coat for just a couple hundred dollars. Most of the hardwood floors in south Minneapolis metro such as Edina, Richfield, Hopkins, Golden Valley, and Brooklyn Center will have oak hardwood floors in 1950s ramblers or cap cods.  In general, those are a little easier to refinish.

Look how beautiful these maple hardwood floors look now?  They are absolutely gorgeous.  It was a total turn around.  The colors are so vibrant and it just brings the whole room back to life.  If you live in Seward, Longfellow, Powerhorn, Kenny, Armatage, Linden Hills, or Uptown area of south Minneapolis and have old maple floors like these give me a call.  I can give you an estimate.  Or if you live in St Paul, Eagan, Mendota Heights, Roseville, or Shoreview we work over there on floor sanding jobs all the time.  I can help you out.

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