1950s Hardwood Floor Refinished Minneapolis

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1950s Hardwood Floors In Minneapolis

We did these floors a couple days ago in Robbinsdale. It was for a past customer. We did a rental for her in Northeast Minneapolis duplex that she was selling. There was urine stains on the floors and the house smelt like cat piss. After we sanded it out the smell was gone, the house looked great and she sold it. So they bought this rental and the floors had 1950s red oak. Overall, there was a lot of water damage that I wasn’t sure if it was going to come out. I actually thought that she might need to stain the wood because it wasn’t going to look good. But after we started sanding, the floors were very beautiful.

You can see in the after picture that they look great. The living room and other bedroom turned out really nice too. If you have black spots most likely they are from water or pets. Sometimes you can remove them, but sometimes they don’t come out. We do hardwood floor refinishing in Minneapolis all the time on 1950′s ramblers with hardwood floors so give us a call.


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