How to Fix Black Spots on Hardwood floor Refinishing Minneapolis

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Can I get black spots or water damage spots out of my oak hardwood floors? I get this question a lot and we do jobs all

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the time with black urine stains and grayish water stains when we refinish hardwood floors in Minneapolis MN. You can see in the picture above that there is a giant spot on this floor. What is it from? It can be many different things. First you need to get as much information as you can about the floor from the owner. What was here before, do you have pets, was there ever a leak in the ceiling, walls, did you have tile down, carpet, was there a plant here? You have to be a detective and try to figure it out. In this example there was a wood burning stove that was placed on top of tile flooring. A lot of times when there is tile in a entry way, or under a stove it is held down with adhesive that the previous owner or whoever installed the tile, put over the hardwood. They simply laid down the adhesive on top of the hardwood floors and then set the tile on top of it. How does this stain come about? It probably came about because of water damage before the tile got laid, maybe it was from the adhesive or it got wet while the tile was down.

And if it got wet and the stain is this big then it probably happened more then once and it sat of the floor for a while. How do you remove it? You can try sanding it out, you can stain it to conceal the wood, or you can remove the boards and patch in new wood. Most hardwood floors in Minneapolis metro are going to be 3/4 inches thick. If this stain has penetrated deeper then 1/16-1/8 of an inch then the stain is not going to sand out. You might be able to shrink it a little bit and you can do something to make it smaller, but from experience it will not sand out. Even bleaching it will most likely not work.

Here is a picture of the stain after we refinished it and spot sanded that area. As you can see it is still there. It is a little smaller and there are some areas around the perimeter that have lighten up a little, but overall its still there. The best bet is to stain the floor a darker color to conceal the area. Or you have to patch the area. Both are more expensive then doing a natural refinish. The owner on this floor didn’t want to spend the extra money on the patching or the staining so we did the best we could with a natural oil base. We see black spots on hardwood floors when we are refinishing in South Minneapolis, Richfield, Edina, Hopkins, Golden Valley, and Roseville all the time. If you have any hardwood floor refinishing needs in the Minneapolis MN metro give me a call.

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